Sustainability Assessments

This is often the first step taken by organisations we work with to gain an understanding of their current and required capacity to deal with sustainability issues. When we talk about sustainability we’re talking about an organisation’s ability to continue as desired into the future.  We therefore need to consider a range of factors that can potentially impact on the organisation in order to build a complete picture.  These include:

  • Environmental issues such as climate change, pollution and carbon emissions
  • Reliance on energy for transport, manufacturing and business operations
  • Reliance on local and international supply chains for goods and services
  • Business scope and geographic location of operations
  • Impact of operations on local communities
  • Importance of staff retention, training and expertise
  • Quality of products and services
  • Financial strength of organisation
  • Risk to business continuity of failing to adequately manage any of these issues

Each assessment is tailored to meet the needs of the individual organisation and is focused on identifying the following key areas of concern:

  • What is the current capacity of the organisation to manage sustainability issues?
  • Based on the organisation’s scope of operation, what level of capacity to manage these issues do they need to attain?
  • If there is a shortfall between the organisation’s current and required levels of capacity, what are the most practical steps to help bridge the gap?

From our experience in dealing with a diverse range of local and international organisations, the most common pattern we find is that of an organisation just beginning on its path towards sustainability and with a good way to go before becoming resilient to potential future impacts. Most reasonable scenarios for the next 5, 10, 50 and 100 years highlight the continued likelihood of volatility in the financial markets due to energy constraints, runaway population growth, climate change, environmental degradation and the predominant tendency of humanity to live beyond our means.
Any organisation that intends to be operating successfully through these times needs to have a very clear idea of how to navigate the potential shocks that it may encounter along the way. We have designed the CKC Sustainability Assessment specifically to help New Zealand organisations build a strategy for a successful future.