shaunkpicShaun Kearney
Shaun is a founding Director of CKC and specialises in accounting, strategic management solutions, project management, and insolvency. Shaun excels working in analytical roles with an emphasis on results and innovative solutions.

Shaun is a Director and Trustee for several different organisations in the Auckland Region as well as a consultant. Shaun has experience consulting to some of New Zealand’s largest telecommunication, construction, engineering, and land development firms as well as involvement with local and central government bodies. He also acts as both an advocate and mediator in a range of dispute and conflict resolution situations. Shaun has been involved in numerous restructuring and insolvency exercises and acts as a Liquidator and Receiver.  Shaun has successfully managed and contributed to a large variety of complex projects in which his insight and analytical skills have been crucial to overall success.

Shaun is a member of the Management Institute of New Zealand, the New Zealand Institute of Directors, the Resource Management Law Association, and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. He works actively with business associations, community groups and organisations as a passionate supporter of community projects assisting in their management and operations.

Shaun has a degree majoring in Ethics from the University of Auckland and has completed separate qualifications in business, accounting and project management.

In 2011 Shaun co-founded CKC in order to offer business solutions and management advice to the New Zealand public and private sectors. The business now operates internationally both in New Zealand and the United Kingdom providing cutting edge management solutions.

Shaun emphasises efficiency and sustainability as a business and ethical principle that’s a source of both financial and social value when incorporated correctly into an organisation’s strategy. Many organisations already recognise the causal link between their financial and non-financial performance, particularly in the public and customer focussed arenas. An organisation’s performance is not only  a financial measure but is connected to an efficient use of resources and stakeholder confidence.