Cunningham Kearney Consultants

Management Consultants

homepage15CKC is an Auckland based management consultancy that provides specialist services for businesses and projects.  We employ a wide range of professionals to assist clients in realising the results and solutions that they require. Our firm works with management teams, boards and individuals helping to align actual results with their vision.

Some of our specialties include Project Management, Business Strategy and Solutions, Communications & Stakeholder Management, Business Development, Resource Management, Insolvency and Debt Management, Dispute Resolution, Environmental and Sustainability Management.

homepage12Free OPAS Appraisal

CKC are offering a free one hour appraisal on how your organisation can benefit from an OPAS sustainability assessment. Each assessment is tailored to your needs and we will meet with you to discuss how the tool can improve your performance, increase efficiency, reduce risk and save you money. Contact us now to book an appointment.